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Naming for SHIFT Zurich International Summit

"Lord of the Names."
NZZ Mediagroup about Marc Hauser, CEO erfolgswelle® Ltd.

Names by erfolgswelle® AG

Company Names and Product Names by Swiss Naming Agency erfolgswelle® Ltd. (

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Names and slogans make companies and products into heroes if they are created by carefully-selected and experienced naming experts. The selection of the right naming agency provides the necessary security here. After the creation, we also take care of the name protection and trademark protection of the new name.


Marc Hauser has developed names for national and international customers with ADMARKA. Among others, for:


  • Emmi
  • Galenica
  • Henniez
  • kraft foods
  • Longines
  • Ringier Digital
  • Schweizer Fernsehen SRF
  • Swisscom
  • Syngenta

and many more...

References for the naming agency: Naming creations, in cooperation with ADMARKA

"Lord of the Names"
NZZ Mediagroup about Marc Hauser

Trademark protection: 10 years inclusive*

Because the trademark protection of our creations is essential, during the first 10 years, we handle this for our customers (including legal advising and registration in the appropriate registries). Since trademark law is an indispensable part of an extensive naming development, erfolgswelle® works on a team with selected trade law specialists for national and international trademark protection.


* The trademark protection applies for 10 years for Switzerland. After that, the duration of trademark protection can be extended at reduced rates at the request of the customer. (trademark protection for Europe/worldwide upon request)

Naming and branding on an international level

As a well-networked naming agency, erfolgswelle® has deep experience in the naming and branding sectors. We create naming concepts with selected name developers in the appropriate countries. Only this way can we guarantee that a name will also achieve the intended effect in the target market.

Name-finding - also for small and medium-sized companies

The creative team: THE NAMERS

Clients of our Naming Agency

Name-finding & slogan creation including trademark protection: Branding from a single source.

Naming creations with erfolgswelle® offers all-around service: On request, we will "decorate" the appropriate name with a meaningful slogan. In addition, our customers enjoy all-around trademark protection.

registration of names and trademarks in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Austria ...) and worldwide

Inclusive at erfolgswelle®:

Register a name and have it protected.

We register new names worldwide - and protect them effectively.

Two ways to a new company name or product name

1. The funnel approach

Based on the briefing, erfolgswelle® develops, together with national and international naming experts in the target markets, a palette with hundreds of possible names. After a first selection, we present all functional creations to the management. For approximately half of the clients, a single rounds results in the final decision. On request, we will initiate a second round (included in our fee). There, our naming agency will develop additional names based on the first selection. The favorites are subjected to thorough trademark research. Now the decision is made: The management selects its new company name or the product name. The funnel approach is suitable for customers who would always like to keep a hand on the rudder and who prefer a broadly-supported naming selection.

2. The guru approach

Here the customer trusts our name-finders and relies on the naming gurus on the team to create the appropriate and functioning name. We present the names to our customer's management  including our recommendation. The guru approach is suitable for customers who want to rely on the expertise and experience of erfolgswelle® as a name-finder.

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"The naming agency erfolgswelle® delivers on what it promises:

It finds the appropriate name that works perfectly."
Matthias Stettler, Portfolio-building Manager of the Swiss Insurance Association

Naming | name-finding real estate marketing, naming city marketing

Naming project Olten Südwest

One of the largest construction projects in Switzerland: erfolgswelle® is naming the entire project and is responsible for the name-finding of all squares, streets, and paths.

(ongoing project)

Naming "ArcoWest" office complex

6850 square meters of rental space in Bern: erfolgswelle® developed the name and created the texts

Naming of "Sissila" swimming pool

Fresh name after the renovation: erfolgswelle® is responsible for the name-finding for the swimming pool in Sisseln.


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