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The slogan: A battle-cry for successful companies. Advertising claims for companies that people remember.

The slogan - the company's calling card

Advertising claims bring your message to the point. In just a few appropriate words. The cleverly-formulated slogan says precisely that for which a company stands. It is a signal and promise at the same time: "You're in the right place here!"

Compression experts

The more complex your company, the more exciting our task becomes. Compressing you core messages into a few words, that's our thing. The result: a thoroughly crisp line for your company. We do everything to create an impressive and coherent effect on your public.

Slogans are powerful ice-breakers

Calling cards with our slogans are always eye-catchers: Your counterpart says "That's a great slogan!" Elsewhere, you might hear "That sounds interesting!" In both cases, the topic of discussion is introduced elegantly. And it revolves around you and your company; we name it in order to start clever communication ...

Advertising claims work. Toward the outside ...

Which slogans are you familiar with? And how do you assess the sender's image? Slogans and claims always have an effect, in the best case the one you want. Top companies leave the creation of their advertising slogans to selected professionals.

... and slogans also work toward the inside

For employees, it's great when they love their company. If the new slogan really fits, everybody at the company feels it. Then an advertising claim has a much greater effect than initially intended. Then it becomes part of the whole team.

The king's discipline for copywriters and advertising copyrighters: Naming and slogan creation

Only advertising copywriters with a lot of experience dare to approach the areas of naming and slogans. Both of these count as the king's discipline. If customers wish, we will provide them with the entire package: name-finding with slogan or claim.

Protecting slogans and claims: Trademark Protection & Trademark Law

With our legal experts in trademark protection and trademark law, we ensure that your slogan belongs to you. And only you. On request, worldwide. 

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Advertising Slogans and Claims for your markets in Europe
Advertising Slogans and Claims for your markets in Europe