Executive and management training with entrepreneur and adventurer Marc Hauser

“Pushing Boundaries"—a one week seminar with the first person to jump into the Jet Stream. Join Guinness World Record holder Marc Hauser on an exclusive yachting adventure for executives and managers who work and make decisions at their limit.

“Decision-Making on the Edge”—Cadre leadership seminar for managers and executives with Marc Hauser—from May 29 to June 3, 2022, in Sardinia

“Pushing Boundaries”—a one-week seminar with the first person to jump into the Jet Stream.

For executives and managers working and making decisions at their limit.
May 29 to June 3, 2022 from Cannigione, Sardinia (Olbia Airport)

No prior experience necessary.


Available slots: 1/4
Price: CHF 7.500



CHF 7 500.00

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Decision-Making on the Edge—Leadership cadre training: Training seminar on a sailing yacht for managers and entrepreneurs

May 28 to June 3, 2022


Location of the Leadership cadre training | Management seminar


Sardinia, Italy, from Cannigione (north coast)


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Coach + Captain on board the sailing yacht

Marc Hauser


Seminar leader and Guinness World Record holder with sailing licence for inland waters, motorboat licence and offshore permit.

Co-Skipper on board


Adi Leutenegger


Professional sailor with sailing licence for inland waters, motorboat licence and offshore permit.

Skipper on board


A handful of people for a halleluja. Maximum number of crew: 5

The number of participants is strictly limited to a handful of selected managers. No more than five charismatic people will join us on board. Even though we would like to have the trip fully booked, it is far more important for us to bring together an exciting and dynamic crew. After all, we will be spending a week together at sea.


Our five guests will each have a beautifully detailed double cabin for their sole occupation.

A novelty on this kind of cruise.


The yacht charter on its own amounts to a healthy four-figure sum for the week and has been selected to accommodate the development opportunities of this exclusive leadership seminar. We’re not leaving anything to chance this week and only the very best is good enough for us. Ok…that was adverting, but at least it is accurate.

(Crédit vidéo Dufour-Yachts)

Five focal points of the leadership training, five days (draft)

New courage strategies

Storytelling ideas

Valuable survival tips

Principles of leadership

Golden rules of rhetoric

DRAFT in German: We will soon provide an English version

Draft seminar programme—subject to alteration and modification.
Draft seminar programme—subject to alteration and modification.

Leadership training for executives and managers “Decision-Making on the Edge”—Details



Adi Leutenegger, our skipper on the yacht, and Marc Hauser, adventurer, have to fell countless decisions on a daily basis, just like executives. The difference lies in the feedback provided by nature which is often quick and relentless. This seminar uses an environment of waves, wind and unmistakeable feedback for emphasis.

In addition to “Decision-Making on the Edge”, your individual role as a leader will be scrutinised by addressing important criteria including communication and role model.

It is important to communicate your own position coherently and credibly before setting an example of the desired behaviour.

This is the only way to uphold enthusiasm and motivation. It is important for a leader to be the role model despite his own demanding daily routines. These skills will be trained in theory and practice on board.

The leadership training at sea is also suitable for those without any sailing experience. Those with experience can share their knowledge; newcomers will be given professional instruction. As much as we appreciate your assistance on board, it is absolutely voluntary.



During the six-day seminar, the participants will learn skills connected with decision-making, self-management and team-building. Your personal circumstances and challenges will be analysed and discussed in individual coaching and one-on-one discussions. The participants will be introduced to decision-making, innovation and leadership tools before putting them into practice during this “Offshore Training”. You will enhance your credibility and acceptance whilst increasing your staff’s motivation. Finally, you will not only be prepared to make decisions under pressure, but also better understand your role as a leader.



After the daily input presentation, the crew will explore the theory before going on deck where the tools will be put into practice under sail on the open sea.

The team spirit will be actively trained through sailing and everyday tasks onboard.

There will still be enough time for reflection, networking and life on board. The evenings will be enjoyed in a secluded cove or a charming restaurant, and are component to the seminar. Each participant takes part in one day of individually tailored coaching/consulting sessions.


The crew on the sailing yacht in mutual exchange

The skipper, Adi Leutenegger, and the motivational speaker, Marc Hauser, make it possible for the participants to fortify their network amongst themselves. One week on a sailing boat builds relationships in a manner not possible on land. Mutual inspiration and the sharing of experiences amongst the participating leaders at eye level is all part of the training. These relationships can prove to be priceless at a later date on land.

Safety on board

Our seminar yacht is, of course, fitted with state-of-the-art survival equipment and radio technology. We also have satellite communication equipment with us. But it is not our intention to find our nautical limits, rather we all push our own inner boundaries. And, rest assured, we will.

Cost for the week-long seminar at sea

The published price includes all costs for the yacht and the leadership training (coaching, advice, lodging and board on the ship: drinks, skipper, cabin for single occupation, taxes, insurance, bed linen, final cleaning, etc.).

The price is valid per cabin for single occupancy, excluding travel to and from the location and evening meals in restaurants.

Location: Sardinia

In cooperation with the sailing tour company skad GmbH

skad GmbH
Adi Leutenegger
Trottenstrasse 27
8546 Islikon

052 552 56 51


Would you like to sign up and become a member of our crew? Do you have questions regarding our leadership training in Sardinia?

We are currently compiling a list of people interested in participating in this exclusive journey—naturally without obligation.

Should we find ourselves in the desired position to select a crew for our seminar yacht in Sardinia from May 31st to June 5th, 2020, you are welcome to apply. We will keep you posted on all developments as they occur.
Let’s hope we can find the ideal crew.

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Are you ready to make the jump…to our sailing seminar in Sardinia? We look forward to hearing from you. (Jet Stream Guinness World Record 2018)
Are you ready to make the jump…to our sailing seminar in Sardinia? We look forward to hearing from you. (Jet Stream Guinness World Record 2018)