Marc Hauser, Guinness world record holder & motivational keynote speaker from Switzerland: First skydive into the jet stream over Australia.

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Due to the current situation, Marc Hauser also offers his lectures online.

Topics of the online lectures and webinars

1. Innovation for the future: tackle new goals in difficult times.

2. Courage is key: Only those who dare today can win tomorrow.

3. Strong leadership in a hurricane: Keep calm during the storm.

Guinness world record speaker: Marc Hauser

BBC World News live interview about the jet stream exploration

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Pure inspiration for your employees: The speaker Marc Hauser brings a fresh breeze and new ideas to your company.

Look forward to this power speech full of charisma, spirit, and humor.

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Worldwide Media Reports about Marc Hauser's Creativity and Innovation Skills

"Thank you for your great speech!"


Speaker | Motivational Keynote Speaker | Speaker on the topics of courage and motivation: Marc Hauser
Speaker | Motivational Keynote Speaker | Speaker on the topics of courage and motivation: Marc Hauser

Paris 2020: Marc Hauser at changeNOW summit

BBC World News Film CHASING THE JET STREAM, Director's Cut (Streaming)

BBC THE ONE SHOW with the band Westlife

DER SPIEGEL: Marc Hauser about new wind-power and new solutions for the future

Interview on CNN Money Switzerland

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Interview A-Speakers International World Record Holder Marc Hauser



"Marc Hauser is a real-life Superman"
ABC News

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TEDx Motivational Keynote Speaker

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Marc Hauser, the motivational speaker for your event.

The impulse speech about courage and motivation.


  • As a world record-holder in extreme parachute jumping, he flew at 304 km/h over an entire city and is therefore the fastest person in horizontal free-fall.
  • As a conceptual artist he sold the second most expensive picture at his first exhibition – without really being able to paint.
  • As an entrepreneur, he established the naming agency erfolgswelle® Ltd. as a leading agency in Europe – within just six months.


Hauser succeeds in filling this dry term with life. He awakens new will power in his audience, he ignites the spark of their own implementation strength.


Understanding the Principle of Success

Whether extreme sports or business: The principle of reaching your goals remains the same. Hauser shares the little secret of the great big success.


The Effect

Fresh motivation and new courage with a long-term effect: Successful self-management becomes tangible and motivates people to perform their own heroic deeds. The audience sees the striving for happiness and success in an expanded context. Audience members take a big step forward on their personal quest for happiness in life. Participants receive an instrument that works easily and makes achieving balance in life easier.

Speech Topics

  • Courage and motivation
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Extreme sports, fear, and risk
  • Implementation expertise and will power


Swiss Wisdom

In a passionate speech, Marc Hauser reveals the background for his experience, substantiated with scientific insights. Here depicts experiences in-depth and intensely. And everything is "seasoned" with a little Swiss charm and self-irony.

Target Groups

  • Management, managers, managerial staff
  • HR managers, sales managers
  • Innovative companies and open-minded agencies

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Languages: German, English, French, Swiss German


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"Motivating impulses custom-tailored to our topic. Clever content, authentic style, and a lot of humor. It fit just right!” Procter & Gamble


“Thank you for your inspiring lecture at the HP Partner Forum. I would also like to thank you for the quality and the perfect presentation. The reaction was brilliant – the HP dealers gave you very good grades. You were the highlight of the event!"


“Marc visited us in January 2017 for a trivago Academy session. With his interesting and motivated talk 'Secrets of Superhero Storytelling' he shared his biggest success stories to motivate us to create opportunities in the unexplored areas, stay creative and fight our fears.”



"It was a pleasure having you as a keynote speaker. I did thoroughly enjoy the session."

Standard Chartered Bank, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"Marc Hauser is a speaker with depth an passion. A speaker who speaks from person to person. He inspired the sports and business elite of our country. It was an honour for us to be able to experience Mr. Hauser as a guest speaker.“
Österreichische Sporthilfe

"Marc Hauser provides the impulse to think laterally."

Schulthess Maschinen AG

"Your speech was very well-received: a great mixture of adventure, earnestness, and humor! The ‘Hero-Maker’ speech caused our own heroes’ hearts to beat faster."

Careerplus SA

The Motivational Speech: Let's have a look at the Topics...

The Hero-Maker Speech

"You may expect a few things from me - and your guests may as well.

As a world record holder in extreme skydiving, I can serve as an example of how you can deal with your own fears.

For originally, I had a fear of heights...

Breaking down borders, daring to do something new, and making progress: these are my topics.

For this, you must know how to handle the setbacks that help us grow.

Among other things, I do two interactive experiments on the topic of creativity and innovation.
And there's a great exercise for legal brain-doping.

The participation rate for these experiments is nearly 100%, the smiling factor and the AHA effect are similar.
Furthermore, your guests will see breathtaking pictures of the record parachute jump and a short video sequence in free fall.

Naming as the key

I will show the audience how purposeful naming of your own intentions can lead to success. As the owner of an international naming agency, I know the effect when projects suddenly have names; then the life comes into a project.

And finally, the audience will play air-gold tennis, an inspiring poetic discipline that nobody knows about.

Marvel, reflect, laugh – and especially MOTIVATE.

In my talk, I combine information and emotion as infotainment with a good portion of humour. The people in the audience should take the opportunity as heroes to find fresh courage and be ready for their own heroic deeds in everyday life."
Marc Hauser, motivational speaker and world record holder in skydiving

Motivational keynote speaker speed world record holder Marc Hauser in action

New courage: "Hero-maker"

How you can find the courage to reach your own potential. Where your “inner adventurer” lives. How you can handle stumbling blocks. What happiness research says about lottery winnings and paraplegia. Why the readiness for grand failure is the prerequisite for success. And why a pure focus on flow can become a failure.

Motivational speaker: Marc Hauser


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Marc Hauser arouses the desire for the forgotten "inner adventurer" in us. In a speech full of charisma and humour, he unleashes our own dreams and ignites our inner fire. The effect? An awakened audience that believes in itself again. Listeners who can and want to do new things. This is what a fresh breeze at your company feels like.


Marc Hauser is your "hero-maker."




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